Friday, August 20, 2010

2010 Big 12 Football Preview (and the truth regarding Mack Brown)

By Dan Harralson

So we started the 2010 college football conference previews Thursday. We have decided to skip the Big 10 preview until tomorrow. We will be live at Wrigley Field in the heart of Big 10 country. It will be awesome to preview the Big 10 teams while watching the Braves and Cubs from the historic stadium. So with that being said, we continue on alphabetically; next stop - the Big 12 preview. We have agreed to the point where Oklahoma will be playing Nebraska in the conference championship game. I have OU winning and Nick has Nebraska. If and when Oklahoma takes on Nebraska, it will be historic. These two storied programs and rivals will take on one last conference game against each other. College football may not see this rivalry renewed for some time (thanks to Texas.) I hope OU and Nebraska can work something out and play a non-conference game each season after the Huskers move into the Big 10. The all-time series stands with Oklahoma leading 44-37-3. Also in the Big 12 preview, we touch on the truth regarding Mack Brown. I can easily respect and backup Clay Travis' article regarding Texas being who they are: A cowardly program. Here is Clay's article, feel free to read. Mack Brown has severely under achieved during his tenure in Austin. Reading between the lines brings me to a possible reasoning in which Mack Brown hired Will Muschamp (a Saban guy.) He allowed Muschamp to take on a head-coach-in-waiting to avoid ever being placed in the hot seat. One thing is dead on regarding Coach Brown, he is a salesman and plays politics with the sport of college football. I guess he portrays this Texas style politics from the 43rd United States President (and his debacles, too.) I guess that is another topic for another time or you can just get the truth on right-hand politics at Legal Schnauzer. The Texas Longhorns did the Pac-10 wrong along with Oklahoma, Nebraska, and the other Big 12 members (as Texas propped them up as scapegoats to receive their own tv contract.) Anyways, below is the 2010 Big 12 football preview and Clay Travis' take on Texas (at the 3:10 minute mark):